Where do my customers need to enter the discount code?

For direct payment gateways, your customers can easily enter the discount code on the 2nd page of the checkout process, where they can also select the shipping method and credit card details.


But, the PayPal Express works bit differently. While checking out, your customer has to go to paypal.com. Here PayPal will collect their shipping & billing addresses.


Thereafter, the customer returns to sitessimply, picks up the shipping rate, types the discount code, and the payable price is automatically updated on the same page.

How do I setup quantity discounts?

There are several ways to attract visitors and convert them into buyers. One such effective technique is tiered pricing. By tiered pricing we mean offering offer multiple price points to the customer for consideration.

You can this feature with sitessimply store.

Can I offer wholesale?

Yes you can offer a great few different ways you offer wholesale prices for your shop:

1. Set up discount codes

  You can make discount codes to offer discounts to your customers.

2. Create a wholesale section in your shop

 There great option is the Locksmith App, this application helps you create password-protect sections, where  you can easily keep the items on wholesale away from those retail prices.

3. Open a separate Wholesale store

  To make things more clear, you can open a separate wholesale store. You can also transfer duplicate,       backup, or transfer content from an existing store to new one.